Ghada Haddad

Ghada Haddad

Ghada Haddad is a Syrian visual artist, born in the city of Aleppo in 1970. She currently resides and works in Damascus. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in French language from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Aleppo University in 1999. After that, she graduated from Adham Ismail Institute of Arts in 2011, where she learned oil painting.

Haddad established an institute called “Marsami” in 2012, which is a training institute for children and adults in drawing and handicrafts. The institute is still operational today.

Ghada Haddad’s experience is characterized by her integration of the realistic portrayal of women in general, and the surrounding reality. The artist aims to embody femininity in her works through her focus on the fertility of themes and their richness. She smoothly examines women’s experiences and distinguishes herself through her style and use of colors.

Ghada Haddad held her first oil painting solo exhibition in Damascus in 2016 and then held her second exhibition in 2019, as well as collective exhibitions and festivals from 1999 until today.