About Us

Nour Chamoun  

The Founder of Chamoun Gallery

Nour Chamoun is a creative visionary from Syria who aspires to make the world a better place by sharing beauty and harmony through her artistic incubation space, “Chamoun Gallery.” 

Collectively, with all the members of her creative space, she calls upon storytellers and art lovers to join, share, and interact with each other and the rest of the world, to communicate their unique knowledge and artistic craft, and to highlight the long authentic cultural heritage embedded within their creations.


Nour herself has an inspiring story. She left her hometown of Aleppo, Syria during the hardships of war and started a new life path in Montreal, Canada. During her early years in Syria, while studying tourism, she was captivated by the land’s history, which stretches back thousands of years, and the greatness of all the lost civilizations and their extraordinary contributions to the world’s heritage, knowledge, art (architecture, mosaics, sculptures, etc.), and literature. She was particularly fascinated by (Mari Kingdom) and the empire of (Palmyra) and its extraordinary Queen “Zenobia.”

Additionally, Nour was fascinated by the power of art and its ability to communicate human experiences beyond measures and words. This power extends not only to contemporary artworks but also to historical artifacts passed down by her ancestors from the great nations of the cradle of civilizations, Syria. 

Throughout history, even during times of war and conflict, art has always been a way to capture human experiences, values, and stories. It has helped raise awareness of “The happening” through joy, suffering, and everything in between. Art is a universal language that requires no interpretation; it speaks to the heart and elevates us to a better state of being.

Driven by her sheer passion, Nour decided to embark on her first artistic venture in Canada by establishing ArteArta Gallery in 2019 as an online art gallery. Her dream to share creativity, emotions, and stories of beauty through art and artists’ journeys continued and eventually led her to rebrand the space as “Chamoun Gallery” in 2023. Through this transformation, Nour aspires to create an interactive community that plays an essential part in supporting and empowering creative artists to share and communicate their artworks with a wider global audience, bringing harmony and beauty into our lives.


When you connect with the stories behind each artist in this space, you will understand the power and passion embedded in their art process, as well as the number of values inherently communicated through their works. 

Art plays a very important role in our lives. We need beauty now more than ever, and art helps us experience harmony.

Nour Chamoun


Discover the Essence of Art

“Chamoun Gallery’s Story”

The gallery a space to share and interact creatively with the art community; where artists can share their stories of passion, inner aspiration, and their journey of creation; and art collectors can enjoy those insights and get the feel and touch behind each artwork, the depth of the artist’s emotions and process.

Our values shape every aspect of our gallery, from the artists we support to the knowledge we share. Join us on a journey of authenticity, flexibility, harmony, and creativity as we strive to create a unique art experience for both artists and art enthusiasts.


At Chamoun Gallery, we hold a set of core values that guide our mission and shape our interactions with artists and art lovers alike. These values reflect our commitment to creating an environment that is authentic, flexible, and harmonious, where art and creativity can flourish.


Chamoun Gallery Values

    • Authentic: Authenticity lies at the heart of what we do. We believe in supporting artists who are true to their artistic vision and expression. Our goal is to provide a space where artists can showcase their genuine creativity and connect with an audience that appreciates their authenticity.


    • Flexible & Renewable: We understand that art is a constantly evolving medium, and we embrace flexibility and adaptability. We strive to create an environment encourages artists to experiment, explore new techniques, and push boundaries. Our support and resources empower artists to renew their creative energy and embrace new artistic horizons.


    • Create Harmony through Awareness: Art can bring people together and evoke emotions. We believe in the transformative power of art to create harmony in our world. By promoting awareness and understanding through art, we aim to foster dialogue, bridge gaps, and cultivate a sense of unity among diverse audiences.


    • Share Beauty through Art & Creativity: At Chamoun Gallery, we believe that art can inspire, uplift, and touch the soul. We are dedicated to sharing the beauty of art with art enthusiasts worldwide. Through our carefully curated collection, we strive to evoke emotions, spark imagination, and create moments of profound beauty in people’s lives.


    • Acquire & Spread Knowledge: We are passionate about art knowledge and the continuous pursuit of it on all levels. We encourage artists to deepen their understanding of their craft and provide resources to support their growth. We also aim to educate and engage our audience by sharing insights, artist interviews, and creative content, fostering a community that appreciates the value of knowledge in the world of art.