Claudio Giulianelli

Claudio Giulianelli









Claudio Giulianelli is a hermetic painter; his paintings are inspired by the fantasy and dreams of the Middle Ages.

His paintings are full of references to alchemy, he usually paints Ladies (they symbolize the

Nature), puppets or masks from the Commedia dell’Arte Italiana (Pulcinella and the Carabiniere:

represent the two opposite poles that balance the Universe).

He was born in Rome in 1956, and his strong passion for art (in particular for the ancient one)

leads him to deepen the technique and study of the works of the Masters (especially those of Caravaggio and Bosch).

The encounter with painters such as Delfo Previtali and Guido Razzi further refined his way of paint.

Giulianelli has participated in the Fairs of New York, Beijing, Nanjing, Hang Zhou, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Forlì, Libano, and Bari.

Personal paintings in China, Belgium, England, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, France, and Italy in Venice, Milan, Rome, Bari, San Gimignano, and Padua.

His works are in museums, and private collections and his large canvases are in Italian churches and in Austria.