Io ho un sogno

Io ho un sogno

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120 X 80


Oil on Canvas

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in a tube


Claudio Giulianelli

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The scene that appears to the viewer is that of a theatrical performance.

As you can see, the floor is made of wooden planks that become a pier overlooking the sea.

Even the arch that frames the picture is the representation of a theater backdrop.

There is a woman with an enigmatic look who is playing a very long flute from which bubbles are coming out.

Enchanted by this celestial music there is a Pulcinella (mask from the Italian Commedia dell’Arte). The Pulcinella and the marionettes or puppets represent the forces that govern the Universe.

In this surreal scene, there are yellow drapes fluttering in the wind which isn’t really there because the scene is in a theatre.


©Claudio Giulianelli, all rights reserved for all countries.