La venditrice di maschere

La venditrice di maschere

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50 X 40


Oil on Canvas

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in a tube


Claudio Giulianelli

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The painting represents a woman walking in an imaginary Italian landscape. She has a stick with her where masks from the history of Italian theater are tied. The stick and the masks seem to recall the scales of justice.
The sky is slightly overcast and she looks at the viewer with a wondering attitude as if her presence was not meant to be noticed.
Masks are of great importance in Claudio Giulianelli’s painting because they take on an energetic character. They are the representation of both the forces of Nature and the different personalities we assume.
The amazed gaze and the sky contrast this totally imaginary landscape and, if you like, bring to mind the colors of Bosch, an artist whose techniques and meanings of his immense works Giulianelli studied in depth.


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