Jonas Alsayed

Jonas Alsayed

From a young age, Jonas Alsayed had an innate passion for art. He explored various forms of artistic expression such as painting, music, and nature photography in his hometown Damascus. His love for the arts led him to pursue formal education at the Institute of Dramatic Arts where he honed his skills further.

In the year 2014, an unfortunate incident caused him to sustain a grave injury to his feet, which rendered him immobile for an extended duration. However, this adversity presented itself as a chance for him to immerse himself in the world of drawing and literature with the utmost dedication. He sought solace in reading art philosophy along with various artistic and intellectual movements that aided his creative journey while enhancing his plastic experience.

Jonas finds inspiration in the human body, both when it’s at rest and during times of chaos that come with everyday living. He strives to express this through poetry. What truly ignites Jonas’ passion for art is its ability to pose questions, even if they challenge societal norms. To him, art serves as a tool for intellectual growth and expands one’s understanding of others by allowing them to communicate on a deeper level while embracing reality with all its emotions and ideas.
As time progresses, his artistic portfolio flourishes and transforms, positioning him as a noteworthy creator to keep an eye on.


2017, solo exhibition at Adonia Art Gallery
2019, participation in a tripartite exhibition at the National Center for Visual Arts in Damascus, titled Pain
2022, solo exhibition in the Tajaliyat Gallery, presenting a self-narrative
of his experience with isolation, by dealing with the body form between
impressionism and expressionism, to present his own view on the contradictions
of life and anxiety under the title “The Long Night”.