Mystic Corchiano

Mystic Corchiano

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150 X 100


Oil on Canvas

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in a tube


Claudio Giulianelli

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A lady walks with a light step on a balcony framed by arches, She is holding a basket full of masks from the history of Italian theatrical art.

She looks at you with a reassuring look. The scene is immersed in an ideal landscape that represents the town of Corchiano, you can see the old ancient village and the bridge over the river Fratta but the whole construction of the landscape is invented to give that sense of mystical and metaphysical.

In front of the scene, there is a strange being playing the flute, bubbles come out of this instrument in one of which we see a gnome who looks enchanted at the lady.


©Claudio Giulianelli, all rights reserved for all countries.