We are honored to present the VIRTUES series by a very special artist “Sarah ARENSI” on Arte Arta Gallery, discover VIRTUES.

With VIRTUES, Arensi offers to the world a new vision, a reinterpretation of 14 Virtues or states of Being that if embodied in life, lead us to awakening and to the highest realization of our essence. A real journey to discover the power of our Being, what we “incarnate” already at the origins.

Each artwork mirrors who we really are, the energy with which we can merge, leading us through a mystic and artistic journey into mystery and beauty up to the highest expanded consciousness, where nothing exists and everything IS in perfect harmony.

Virtues is an immersion in the beauty of Being Divinely Human, as virtuous tools in the arms of GOD.

Gioffi’s deep knowledge and ability in illuminating the scene and Arensi herself is totally merged with the vision of Sarah who uses gold in the background on the body and directly on the photos with the highest spiritual and energetic meaning.

Each Virtue is immortalized in its light and divinity.

The body is naked and painted with gold as a symbol of the sublime in us. Light is the protagonist.

The gold leaf empowers the scene with a subtle movement of energy that characterizes each Virtue and symbolizes the liberation of humanity from suffering.


Artworks by Sarah Arensi

Photo shots by Ferdinando Gioffi