Svjetlana Dosen

Svjetlana Dosen

Svjetlana Dosen is a Serbian contemporary artist, she graduated with a Master’s degree in art from Novi Sad University in Serbia.
Her artwork has been exhibited in different countries such as England, Germany, Macedonia, and Serbia. She held as well many solo exhibitions in Denmark, Germany, and Serbia.

She’s curious about archetypes of life, death, passion, and fear. She sees art as an inner urge that reflects the waves of her inner world. She allows art to speak universal questions loudly about human nature and the flow of time. Her lens on life is an open horizon where humans can overcome limitations.

2001 – The First Award for Paintings in the final exhibition of graduating students.

1998 – Award for the Excellent Annual Results, Art Academy of Novi Sad, Serbia.

1997 – Best Student Award, School of Art and Design, Novi Sad, Serbia.