Buying Art Online as an Investment

Lovers by Boutros al-Maari

Buying Art Online as an Investment

When you buy Art online you add value to your investment portfolio.

Many investors assume they’re locked out of the art marketplace, they think that only the mega-wealthy and the great works should be in play, but that is not the case. Most investors aren’t looking to spend or don’t have millions to spend on a Van Gogh painting. Opportunities abound for them to buy unique collections with a rich heritage and that bodes well for appreciation.

And it doesn’t have to be one of the great masters of art to appreciate. Different art styles become popular as the marketplace and demand drives it. There are a lot of businesses that will allocate funds to add nice artwork to their offices.

Restaurants and coffee shops have for a long time been a place to find and sometimes buy incredible works of art by relatively unknown artists. They sell a lot around the holidays as art makes a fantastic and unique Christmas gift.

To buy art online is more affordable than purchasing from a physical location or gallery as they have all that space (overhead) that needs to be covered in the sale price of the artwork. Online art sales were a bright spot for the industry in 2020, online sales reached a record $12.4 billion, double that in 2019.

Also, when you look at the boom in digital art sales with the NFT platform driving this art space, it shows you that at their heart, humans appreciate beauty in art more than ever.

Here’s are a few items to research when thinking of investing in art:

* How to invest in art.
* Consultation on art investment opportunities.
* Understanding art NFTs.
* Types of art investments.
* Speak to a Curator, like Nour Chamoun.

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