Bedros Aslanian

Bedros Aslanian

Born in Alexandria in 1937, Bedros Aslanian is a highly accomplished painter known for his striking individual style and unique approach to capturing people and places. At the age of sixteen, he began studying under the guidance of Professor Silvio Bicchi and went on to graduate from the Beaux Arts d’Alexandria in 1961. His talent and dedication were evident early on, as evidenced by his first prize wins at the Biennale des Pays Méditerranéens in 1958 and 1960.


In 1965, Aslanian made the move to Montreal, where he currently splits his time between that city and Greece. Throughout his career, his works have been exhibited in numerous prestigious venues across Canada, the United States, Europe, and Japan. As a painter, Aslanian’s canvases are characterized by thick brush strokes that provide depth and emotional impact, in a style reminiscent of artists like Van Gogh and Utrillo. He utilizes a variety of media, including tempera, oil, and pastel, to create works that reflect a synthesis of Impressionism, Cubism, and Abstraction.

One of Aslanian’s favorite subjects to paint is boats, a passion that led him to fulfill his dream of owning a boat and traveling from island to island in the Aegean Sea. His ability to capture familiar objects and surroundings with a fresh perspective has earned him a respected place in the art world.


Aslanian’s works can be found in private collections in Montreal, Athens, and Paris, and have been acquired by notable figures and organizations such as Charles Aznavour, Georgandas Maurice Auger, DIOR, Jacques Deman, L’OREAL and Robert Salmon, LANCOME.

His ability to capture the essence of people, places, and objects is a testament to his exceptional artistry and unwavering dedication to his craft.