Abdulrahman Naanseh

Abdulrahman Naanseh

 Abdulrahman Naanseh, a Syrian artist lives in Lebanon, fascinated by the abstraction of thoughts, emotions and language through aesthetically mesmerizing symbols, AbdulRahman  Naanseh, a highly determined calligrapher, has made it to the top with his bold compositions of Arabic lettering. With the support of his father, a self-taught calligrapher, he has excelled this field and won many awards all over Syria. 

Through vivid compositions, he breaks the classical norms of Arabic lettering creating a unique contemporary language to express his inner world. His Palette consists of interesting color combinations varying with every theme using organic inks and supports. 

Naanseh, with his high passion for Arabic calligraphy, is in everlasting research for modern ways to write and paint his contemporary ideas about Life, humans and their reactions to adversity.


  • The hearts of lovers have eyes… It sees what viewers don’t

  • Blue Line Artwork

  • O wind breeze

    O wind breeze
  • Alive

  • Smile – Poem by Elia Abou Madi

  • They watch me

    They watch me
  • Damascus

  • Your hand that landed on my shoulder

  • Ink Artwork

    Ink Artwork