Design and interior decoration

Design and interior decoration

You are a residential or commercial interior designer and you wish to breathe new life into your projects? Explore our online art gallery.

Buying socially engaged art to give a unique identity to interior design projects

If there is one type of art that brings people together, it is an art that demonstrates a reality that is greater than the individual. And, even if the design trends are moving towards minimalism and monochrome harmonies, we should never underestimate the value of a work of art imbued with humanity. Whether you are an art lover looking for an original way to decorate your home or an interior designer in search of renewal, our online gallery will meet your needs.

From painting to photography to collage, here’s how the concept behind Arte Arta benefits both engaged artists and interior designers.


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Restoring human value to residential and commercial spaces

A brief overview of the different profiles of our artists is enough to understand the true value of a lived experience. Moreover, it is thanks to the authenticity of their stories that they manage to create artistic pieces that are both original and moving.

In a world where the time goes by at breakneck speed, the works of our exhibitors invite contemplation and meditation. This is why places that are teeming with activity such as airports, lounges, hotels, and commercial (or rental) buildings can greatly benefit from the presence of one of these works of art. The wide variety of subjects that are addressed in the creations available on our platform make them versatile artistic pieces.

Discreet or poignant, they are just waiting to fit the moods you wish to create.