Celebrate art in all its forms

We exhibit different art forms in our online gallery.

No matter what category of art inspires you, the important thing is that it transports you by what it communicates. From drawing to painting to collage to photography, all visual languages are worth deciphering.

Let’s discover the artistic substances that inspire Arte Arta’s artists.

Painting as an anchoring method

A tool used to create meaning, painted art has undeniable narrative qualities. Its great versatility also allows it to convey a meaningful message while remaining faithful to the original intention of its creator.

In accordance with the principles upheld by Arte Arta , our painters come from various backgrounds and mobilize this artistic format in different ways.

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I print therefore I am

Eager for new ways to describe the world, creatives everywhere are increasingly turning to mixed media.

An instrument of popular struggle, print art is both accessible and poignant.

By putting our virtual space at the service of print artists, we allow them to extend its influence beyond the traditional social space.

Staging life through sculpture

By modelling sculpture with their own hands, artists instill raw character into the work they compose.

The amalgamation of organic or mineral materials  such as clay, stone and wax add to the spontaneous character of sculptural art. All things considered, it is the extraordinarily human essence of this art form that makes it unique.

Stop time, one photo at a time

Whether confusing or shocking, photography makes it possible to crystallize a moment. Since we want to allow artists to articulate their message without distorting it, highlighting the eighth art was the logical thing to do.

Collage: Creation through organization

Playing on the composition and assembly of elements of different natures, collage continues to be influenced by various artistic currents.

PlayingThis art form, which is imbued with modernity, allows artists to draw parallels between the events that punctuate their daily lives.

Drawing without fading

Sometimes relegated to the shadows behind the resplendency of painting, drawing nevertheless makes it possible to illustrate reality from a completely different angle. For example, it can be incorporated into artistic creations resulting from mixed techniques such as print and collage.