Gabriëlla Cleuren

Gabriëlla Cleuren

Like every creative artist in the world, she had a vision, and the academy redefined it with improved techniques, a sense of color, and imaginative thinking that is her own. She learned how to speak with images using only colors to put her thoughts and reflections in a frame to show us what’s the inside of her mind and heart looks like. To tell an entire story without using a single word. She’s a witness to a world that is in a constant state of change and it’s her mission to creatively document this change in a contemporary form with an emotional touch. Each painting is an invitation to think alongside her. Absorb this change and her feelings and reflections about it. It’s an entire experience made of canvas and colored geometrical shapes with a modernized sense. It’s her time to withdraw from the world and see everything from a different perspective, her own perspective. And it’s our time to be part of that experience. Everything around her is essential to her journey, each and every object can possibly take part in telling and portraying her next story. She’s attached to everything around her like the pencil is attached to her heart. Fully committed and devoted to her art, she had created her own language while working in complete silence for 50 years and letting her art speak for her. This resulted in various series depending on the theme for which she designed her unique individual technique.

Like a true artist, she stands alone holding a feather with a hand that shares different personalities. Only the feather decides which one is the one to paint each time.


  • Along the river

    Along the river
  • Alone 04

    Alone 04
  • Wild contrasts

    Wild contrasts
  • Sickering water

    Sickering water
  • Shadow figure variations 02

  • Sheep on the dyke

  • Shadow figure variations 01

  • Escape from lockdown 01

  • Escape from lockdown 05

  • Escape from lockdown 04

  • Escape from lockdown 02

  • Escape from lockdown 03