Serge Mori

Serge Mori

 Serge Mori has loved art since childhood. A Franco-Italian from the South of France, he has no memory of ever being without a pencil in hand. He drew and then naturally came to oil painting.

His childhood memories have the greatest impact on him, especially his visits to the Sistine Chapel in Rome with his father. They would tell each other stories and Serge was already full of questions. “This aroused a vocation in me that included my profession as a psychotherapist. Moreover, the two activities of art and the art of therapy in a sense grasp each other by the hand”, as Mori told us.

His paintings are abstract and surreal stories that carry our imagination far from manifest and conscious reality and into the kingdom of the invisible, of the unconscious. He paints to question the subject who faces the canvas, that he may give free rein to his own versions and interpretations of the canvas.

He is inspired by narrative therapy, which is for him also a form of art – a rhetorical and conversational art. Inspiration also comes to him from the way each apostle of Jesus tells his version of the story, what he experienced, and how to organize a narration. The reasons for this become more clear when we know that he is a doctor of clinical psychology and psychopathology, a leader of narrative therapy in France.

Not only do his books pose important questions and brighten our minds, but his paintings also compel us to take them in slowly, with colors that inspire and speak to something deep inside of us.

“Art is a version of us, a narrative identity in pictorial expression.” -Dr. Serge Mori-